"The Kentwood POLC Patrol Officers Unit is endorsing Nick Prill for Kent County Commissioner in District 13. Nick’s conservative stance, strong family values, pro law enforcement and his commitment to the protection of the 2nd Amendment make him our choice for the 2022 election. If you back the Blue, you should back Nick too."

- Russell Mazarka, Kentwood POLC Union President

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those constitutional rights need to be protected at all levels of government. Nick Prill will be a fighter for you at the county level."

- Stan Ponstein, Kent County Commissioner

"Nick Prill has been attending school board and commissioner meetings for over a year, standing up and speaking up for his kids and YOURS. Nick has proven over and over that he has the integrity and COURAGE necessary to represent and defend conservative principles and our liberties in both times of peace and times of crisis. We are facing such a crisis now as a nation, a spiritual, cultural and economic assault on our families. As a Kent County resident and mom, I'm thankful Nick is standing up to represent my voice in the county."

- Anna Timmer, Founder - West MI Action Conservatives

"I have gotten to know Nick Prill over the last couple of years during the full blown assault on our Liberty across this County, State and Country! Nick is an unapologetic, Constitutional Patriot who has remained on the front lines of our fight with the enemy within and understands the ramifications of doing nothing. He is a leader that will not fall victim to political correctness in our unified fight to fix what the politicians have broken at the local levels. I enthusiastically support Nick Prill for Kent County Commissioner because We the People need leaders... not more spineless politicians and bureaucrats."

- Tom Antor, Kent County Commissioner

“Nick is a fighter for freedom by his actions, not just his words. I’ve watched Nick stand with parents at school boards exposing radical leftist agendas. Nick stood up for freedom of speech confronting the Kentwood Parks Department, not letting them bully him into compliance. Nick is the kind of fighter we need for County Commissioner. He will fight for the freedoms and rights of the people. No more weak leaders. Elect Nick for Kent County Commissioner!”

- Ryan D. Kelley, Candidate for Michigan Governor

Grand Rapids Taxpayers Association